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July 27, 2013
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A story about a dead woman by moppaa A story about a dead woman by moppaa
Sometimes takes me back to my memory
In the terrible summer day,
When wandered along the river nameless,
I stumbled on the corpse of the unfortunate woman.
She lay there, throwing back his head,
On the neck wound I saw the ugly.
From here it, barefoot, half-naked,
Some mud incomprehensible all smeared.
But that look bad, that hatred,
With a dead girl looked at me.
I exclaimed, meanings of his words not knowing:
"Don't you dare look me in everything she!"
't understand my condition,
Terrible glance eclipsed my mind,
And I ran away from the place.
Reduced crazy damn her eyes...

Ran until quite exhausted I,
But, I turned around and seen this little woman.
Can't be! What terrible power
Was the corpse suddenly set in motion?
And the body of the dead I pushed into the river fast,
And crossed it, the flow of подчиняемо.
And I'm going to run, that was my strength.
And fell on the road, shouting desperately...
And now I looked in the window, sleep-swollen -
Under the window - soaked corpse of the unfortunate woman!
Rubbed his eyes, and shadow is not disappeared!
Deliver us, Lord, to me those memories!
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"A story about a dead woman"
Mixed Media (Graphical/Poetry)
First impressions: Creepy, mysterious, watching me.
The dark and desaturated nature of the graphic conveys a sense of disconnection from the world and a lack of life, reinforcing the isolation wrought throughout the poem.
The shadows conceal most of the figure, who exists primarily as a set of eyes. This emphasizes the mysterious nature of the dead woman, and her inhumanity via the distortion and corruption of those eyes.
The paranoia is enhanced by the focus on her eyes, showing her soullessness, and her steady gaze symbolizes the relentlessness of her pursuit.
Overall, I feel the artist intended to impart a feeling of disquietude and outright fear.
The course chosen to do this is not the most innovative, but the approach is rarer, and synchronizing the two forms of media is more complex than a single medium method.
It pays off with a greater emotional weight.
As a final note, whether or not it's intentional, the broken nature of the language delivers the prose with an intense rushed or panicked feeling that contributes to the piece.
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Like a glimpse into our larger reality, the true misery of the human condition, that includes pain and death. We want to escape from those toughts, we try to forget, but her eyes are there, screaming our horrible fate to us. Suddenly, we see that horrible vision, right in front of us. Such a vision makes us spin into another state of counsciousness, forcing us to dissociate from our futile wishes and preoccupations, trying to find the strenght to bear the truth about our ultimate destiny. Her disfigured face makes us wonder how she died, perhaps in a horrible way.
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The Artist thought this was FAIR
7 out of 8 deviants thought this was fair.

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oldSkullLovebyMW Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
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Nicely done!
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awesome work Applaud fella (Reactions) 
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Nice work she is scary! 
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When i thought Slenderman and Shion are SCARY....
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I really do not know how you are doing too scary images o_o
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That is fricken awesome
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