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Grey Neck by moppaa Grey Neck by moppaa
  • Its a picture I show duck in ice and a feeling of foxes side
Jagged ice left't give a duck away from her and смыкающееся around the duck ring hoarfrost they get closer to the Fox , the silhouette of which barely guess in the lower-right corner of the picture
it is not possible to fly because of a broken wing , and so the sky is the same broken, and the unreal , and the attempts to fly .

The first autumn cold, from which turned yellow grass, brought all the birds in great concern.

They all started to prepare for a long journey, and all had such a troubled look. Yes, it is not easy to fly a distance of several thousand kilometers... How many poor birds knock out of the forces on the way, how many will die from various accidents, - in General there was something to seriously consider.

A major bird, such as geese, ducks and swans, gathered in the street with an important air, aware of the difficulty of the upcoming feat them a long-haul flight; and stronger than all the noise, were busy and bustling about such little birds, as shorebirds-stints, Dunlins, shorebirds-Phalaropes, green sandpipers, Plovers. They have already gathered in flocks and transferred from one Bank to another through the swamps and shoals with such rapidity as if someone threw a handful of peas. The little birds was such a great job...

Forest stood dark and silent, because the major singers flew away, without waiting for the cold.

"And where's this little thing in a hurry! "grumbled the old Drake, who was not pleased himself bother. I don't understand, what is there to worry. All fly away...

- Have you always been lazy, so you look at other people's troubles and unpleasant, " she explained to his wife, old Duck.

- I was lazy? You're just to me unjust, and nothing more. I may be stronger than all care, but only not showing. The good of it a bit, if you will, from morning to night on the shore of running, screaming, to bore anyone to disturb others.

Duck was not pleased with her husband, and now finally got mad:

- You're on the other-the look of a bummer! Won our neighbors, swans and geese, - pleasure to see them. Soul to live ... I suppose Swan or goose not abandon their nest, and is always ahead of litter. Yes, Yes... But you up children and case no. Only about themselves and think that goiter stuff. In one word, bummer... Look even at you nasty!

- Not ворчи, old woman!.. After all, I'm not saying that you got such a nasty character. Each have their shortcomings... I am not guilty, that the goose - bird stupid, and so with her brood guided. In General my rule in the Affairs of others not to interfere. Why? Let everyone lives in his own way.

Drake loved a serious argument, and was something that always right, he, Drake. He is always the best and always smart. Duck long used to it, and now the very special occasion worried.

- What are you, father? - she pounced at her husband. - Good fathers take care of children, and you could not care less!..

"You're Grey Neck saying? What can I do, if she cannot fly? I don't blame...

Grey Neck they called their cripple-daughter that even in the spring, when crept to the inspection Fox and grabbed duckling was  
broken wing. Old Duck then boldly threw herself down on the enemy and repelled duckling; but one wing he had broken.

- Even think about it as we leave here Grey Neck of one alone kept saying with tears Duck. - All fly away, and she was alone. Yes, all alone... We are on the South, in the heat fly away, and she, poor thing, there will freeze... she is our daughter, and how I love her, my Grey Neck! You know, old man, perhaps, will remain-ka I spend the winter here ...

- And the other kids?

- Those are healthy, they do without me.

Drake always when it came to the Grey Neck, trying to hush up the conversation. Of course, he also loved her, but why needlessly disturb yourself? Well, will remain. Well, it is frozen, it is a pity, of course, but still nothing to be done. Finally, and of other kids to think. Wife forever worries, and you need to look at how things seriously. Drake himself wife pitied, but not fully understood her mother's agony. It is better if then the Fox quite Grey Neck ate, because she still has to die in winter.


Old Duck due close separation belonged to the daughter-cripple double tenderness. The poor girl didn't know what loneliness and separation, and looked at other fees in the road with the curiosity of a novice. However, she sometimes felt jealous that her brothers and sisters so much fun going to fly away, that they will again somewhere far, far away, where no winter.

- As you come back in the spring? she asked Grey Neck of the mother.

- Yes, Yes, go back, my dear... And once again we will all live together.

For the comfort начинавшей think Grey Neck, his mother had told her several more such cases, when ducks remained for the winter. She personally knew two such pairs.

Like some пробъешься, sweetheart, " I reassured her old Duck. - Поскучаешь first, and then get used to. If you had you on a warm key transfer, and that it never freezes in winter, is a very well-it would be. It's not far from here ... However, as speak in vain, we still you there not move!

- I think of you ... kept saying poor Grey Neck. - I think, where you are, what you do, is it fun to you? And will be as if I am with you.

Old Duck, so as not to give his desperation, you need to gather all the forces. She tried to look cheerful and from all quietly crying. Oh, how she was sorry
unhappy, cute Grey Cervix... Other children she now almost did not notice and not pay to them attention, and it seemed to her that she didn't love me.

And time flew so fast... Was already a range of cold matinees, and the frost red aspen and yellow birch. In the river water has darkened, and the river itself seemed no more now, because the shore оголели, - the offspring rapidly losing leaves. Autumn cold wind broke off and took a засыхавшие leaves. The sky is often covered with autumn heavy clouds, ронявшими autumn rain. In General it was a little is good, and that day already past were flocks of migratory birds... First off marsh birds, because swamps already started to freeze. And the longest remained waterfowl birds. More all the Grey Neck vexed the flight of cranes, because cranes so plaintively курлыкали, as if inviting her along. She broke my heart from some secret misgivings, and she has long accompanied eyes журавлиную flock, уносившуюся in the sky.

As they, probably, well, I thought, Grey Neck.

Geese, ducks and swans started to prepare for a flight. Connected in large flocks separate nests. Experienced and old birds were taught to the young. Every morning, with a joyful cry of the youth has made great Hiking in order to strengthen their wings for distant flights. Smart leaders are first taught the individual parts of birds, and then all together. How much was the cry of joy, and a young fun ... And only a Grey Neck could not participate in these walks, so admired them only from afar. What to do with the destiny had to put up with. But as she dived how to swim! Water for her was all.

- Need to go... it's time! - talking leaders. - We have to wait?

And time flew fast fast... finally fateful day arrived. The whole flock knocked on the river in one live together. It was autumn in the early morning, when the water was still covered in a dense fog. Duck jamb lost count of three hundred and ducks. We heard only the sound of the main leaders. Old Duck didn't sleep at all last night, which she had, together with Grey Neck.

- You keep some out of the Bank, where key escapes into the river, ' she said. - There is water the whole winter will not freeze ...

Grey Neck, as an alien kept away from the casing ... Yes, they were engaged in a common departure, and that no one paid her any attention. The old Duck, looking at the poor Grey Neck, strained all his heart. Several times she handled herself that remain; but I'll stay when other children have, and right now you need to go in a school?..

- Well, 't touch it! loudly shouted the chief leader of the flock suddenly went up.

Grey Neck was left alone on the river and long accompanied eyes улетавший jamb. First of all flew a bunch, and then stretched out in a correct triangle and disappeared over the horizon.

Really, I was left alone? thought Grey Neck, weeping. - Probably, it would be better if I then, the Fox ate...


A river on which remained for the winter Grey Neck, fun was in the mountains, covered by a dense wood. Here was blind, and no housing circle was not. In the morning the water near the shore began to freeze, and in the afternoon thin as glass, ice melted again.

Do soon the entire river freezes? in horror, I thought Grey Neck.

She was bored one, and she was thinking all the time about their migrated brothers and sisters. Where are they now? Remember Lee about her? Safely whether flew? It was enough time to think about everything. Learned Grey Neck and loneliness. The river was empty, and the life was preserved only in the forest, where jumped squirrels and hares, посвистывали grouse. Once boredom, Grey Neck got into the forest and very scared, when out of the Bush flew head over heels Hare.

"Ah, silly, you, woman! said, calming down a bit, Hare. - The soul is in the heel gone... And why are you here толчешься? Because ducks all have long departed...
"I can't fly: I Fox wing eaten, when I was little was ...

- Oh, this is my Fox!.. Worse than a beast is not. It has long and gets to me... You're beware, especially when the river is covered with ice. Easily сцапает...

They met each other. The hare was as helpless as the Grey Neck, and he had to save his life constant escape.

- If I like bird wings, so I probably would anybody not afraid!.. You now though no wings, so you but can you swim, and not go into the water нырнешь, " he said. - And I tremble with fear ... I Have the same range of enemies. In the summer you can still somewhere to hide, and in winter you can see everything.
Soon and the first snow fell, and the river is still cold and did not give. All that night freezing, the water broke in the morning. The struggle was not over life and death. The most dangerous thing you have clear, starry nights, when it would calm down, and the river were no waves. The river as if asleep, and cold tried to bind its ice sleepy. So one day and happened. It was a quiet-quiet starry night. Dark forest quietly, standing on the shore, like the guards of the giants. Mountains, as it happens at night, seemed to be higher. High month, poured all his quivering искрившимся light. Присмирела бурлившая day of the mountain river, and quietly crept cold, hard hug his unruly proud beauty and the like shielded her mirror glass. Grey Neck was in despair, because now not frozen there was only the middle of the river, where the emergence of an extensive polynya. Free space where she could still swim, were now not more than fifteen fathoms. When on the shore seemed Fox, upset Grey Cervical came to the last degree - it was the same Fox, which break her wing.

And, Hello, old friend! "she said the Fox, stopping on the shore. - Long time we're not the last... Congratulations with winter.

- Please, go away, I don't want to talk to you, ' answered the Fox Grey Neck.

- Good like you say!.. This is for my some affection! However, a lot of unnecessary about me they say. Something yourself done, and then at me, and came down... for now - goodbye!

When Fox cleaned, приковылял Hare and said:

- Take care, Grey Neck: it will soon come again.

And Grey Neck also began to fear Fox also scared Rabbit. Poor Sulphur Neck couldn't even enjoy творившимися around it wonders. And around it was the dead of winter. The earth was covered with a snow-white carpet. It wasn't a dark spot. Even bare birch, mountain ash, alder and willow went frost, like silvery down. And ate became ever more important. They were covered with snow, as if wearing a warm an expensive fur coat. Yes, well, wonderful it around; and poor Grey Neck knew only one thing that this beauty is not for her, and trembled at the thought of her ice-hole's about to freeze, and from a Fox she had no place to go. Fox has really come to her after several days, sat down and began again:

- I missed you, duck... come on Out here; and if you don't want, so I'm going to herself come. I don't спесива...

And the Fox began to gently across the ice to the ice-hole. Grey Cervical hearts sank. But to the water Fox stabilize, because the ice there was still very thin. She laid her head on the front feet облизнулась and said:

- What you're silly, duck... Get out on the ice, let's chat! However, bye! I'm about their business in a hurry ...

Now the Fox began to come every day - check, frozen whether polynya. And frosts occurred did their work. From large polynyas were now only one window in sazhen value. The ice was strong, and Fox boldly sat on the edge. Poor Grey Neck with fear dived into the water, and the Fox was sitting and evil over her подсмеивалась:

"Nothing, nothing, ducky. Dive, dive, and I still will eat you... come Out better herself.

Hare shore seen that done Fox, stormed a short bobbed all your heart:

"Oh, what's this Fox but shameless ... What is this Grey Neck unhappy! Eats its Fox...
In all probability, the Fox would Grey Neck and ate when polynya it would be frozen, but it happened otherwise. Hare with their own squinting eyes saw.

It was morning. The hare to its lair покормиться and play with other hares popped. The frost was strong, and hares were basking, paw on foot поколачивая. Although cold, but still fun.

"Brothers, beware! - shouted suddenly someone.

Indeed, the danger was quite near. On the edge of the forest stood a little old man the hunter, that's absolutely noiselessly crept skiing and looked out, which would hare shoot.

Ah, the old woman warm coat will, " he reflected, choosing the largest hare.

He even managed to aim a gun, but hares noticed him like crazy and rushed out into the forest.

"Oh, лукавцы! - angry old man. - Here I had you... stupid not to realize that the old woman without coats impossible. Do not freeze in the same to her... And you, no matter how much you run, Акинтича deceive. Акинтич-otherwise you will... And the old woman Акинтичу as a discipline: You see, old man, don't come without fur coats! And you jump...

The old man took up the search for traces of hares, but hares, as peas, scattered in the woods. Old man procedure exhausted, cursed the evil Zaitsev and sat down to rest on the Bank of the river.

"Ah, the old woman, old woman, our coat ran away! he thought aloud. - Well, now, take a rest and go to another search ...

Sitting old man, suffering, and then, lo and behold, on the river Fox creeps, - as if the cat, and crawls.

- GE, GE, what a thing!! "exclaimed the old man. - To старухиной the coat collar itself creeps... you See, drink wanted to, and then tried to sit fish catch...

Fox really to the ice-hole, in which floated Grey Neck, crept on and off the ice settled. Old man's eyes have seen the bad and ducks from Fox't noticed before.

It must be so shoot to collar does not spoil, - thought the old man, taking aim at Fox. The old woman would quarrel if collar all in дырьях will be... Also always his own dexterity need, and without tackle and bug't kill.

When choosing a place in the future collar, the old man a long time turning on the spot. Finally came the shot. Hunter through the smoke from a shot saw something came on the ice, and falls rushed to the ice-hole; on the way he fell twice, and when the ice ran, the only spread his hands, collar was gone, and in the ice-hole one frightened Grey Neck floated.

- What a thing!! - shrugging his old man gasped. - The first time I see as a Fox in a duck asked. Well, Heather beast.

- The grandfather, the Fox ran away, " she explained to him the Grey Neck.

"Run away? Here's to you, old woman, and a coat collar ... What I now do I? Well and sin came out... you're stupid, then why do you swim?

"And I, grandfather, could not together with other fly. I have one wing попорчено...

"Oh, foolish, foolish... why are you here cold or you Fox will eat! Yeah...

The old man thought and thought, and shook his head and decided:

- Here's what we'll do: I'll granddaughters take away. That's something they will be happy... And spring you old woman testicles apply, Yes утяток get rid of it. Am I right? "That's just silly...

The old man took out a Grey Neck out of the ice and put in your bosom. And the old woman I won't say anything, he thought, heading home. 'Let her fur coat with the collar together for another walk in the forest. Importantly, granddaughter very happy...

Hares all saw it and laughed. Nothing, the old woman and without fur coats on the stove will not freeze.
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